Storyboards are not always used in our productions,
however when there is a budget for adding this step to the preproduction process, they can be a very effective tool.

A storyboard is a visual outline for your commercial or corporate video. It’s made up of a series of thumbnail images that convey what happens in your video, from beginning to end. Storyboards help us:

  • Visualize the storytelling
  • Focus the story and finesse the way the story will be told
  • Define the technical parameters: description of the motion, the camera, the lighting, etc.
  • Establish where we will shoot each set-up in the script in order to tell the story
  • Communicate to the client the vision we’ve collaborated on together and make sure we are on the same page

For us, a polished script is usually the starting point from which a storyboard is produced.

Video production requires coordinating a lot of small but important details. Because of this, it’s difficult (if not downright impossible) to create a good video on the fly. The more thoroughly you can plan your video, the better the finished product will turn out.

Storyboards were very important for our “Lucy’s Dream” shoot. Our initial storyboards were simply created utilizing still photos that we grabbed when location scouting. This was essential for us to make sure the location that we were planning to use would be appropriate for all of the different scenes in the TV Spot. More on this process here:

The illustrations of the script into a storyboard from these initial “rough” ideas allowed us to “see” what the final “Lucy’s Dream” TV spot would look like. Sharing these with the client is always an “aha” moment for our mutual team. Script changes can be made and any final ideas can be incorporated. From there, we will create a scene list and a shooting schedule. Everything is in order prior to the cast and production crew arriving on location.

After the Lucy TV Spot was complete, we heard from our client, Rick Haun, Creative Group Manager at John Deere: “I’ve had the pleasure this week to share the “Lucy’s Dream” TV spot with more than 180 territory sales and division managers  … and I will tell you the feedback has been extremely enthusiastic and positive.  The combination of female entrepreneur,  strong story-telling and outstanding visuals struck a powerful cord with our sales organization. Just wanted to again compliment you all for the terrific collaboration and work that went into this high-quality piece.”

You can check out our final “Lucy’s Dream” TV Spot HERE

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I'm a partner at Glass Eye Productions, Inc., a full-service production and post-production studio based in Brea, California. I enjoy seeing a project from concept-to-completion. My hands-on involvement includes working with the client throughout all aspects of a project and my "hats" include Producer, Editor, and Project Manager.

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