We’ve experienced some turbulence learning the art of aerial filming (four drones later), but the hard lessons have really started to pay off.

Our latest flying machine is an Inspire 2 Pro outfitted with a Zenmuse X5S camera with CinemaDNG and ProRes capabilities, which allows for some stunning visuals. We now have the ability to capture 4K footage that just a couple of years ago would have been out of the question for most project budgets.

Cinematic Storytelling

Today we use our aerial capabilities to add a cinematic quality. The footage is amazing and it’s a blast to shoot! Whether flying through a large industrial building or soaring above scenic vistas, the drone gives us a whole new perspective, and we are able to capture shots that would not be possible from the ground.

FAA Certified

We are in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration’s strict operating rules regarding drones flown for commercial use. We’ve passed the aeronautical knowledge exam to become FAA Remote Pilot Certified and our drone is registered with the FAA.

Compelling and authentic content is more important than ever, with potential viewers being inundated with video from a variety of sources. Adding quality drone footage to your website or corporate video will help you standout and get noticed. Whether flying through a large industrial building or soaring above scenic vistas, the drone provides the viewer with a whole new perspective, capturing shots that would not be possible from the ground. The breathtaking, cinematic quality of properly shot drone footage ensures that your video will be engaging and captivating. View our Telly-award winning Aerial Demo Reel HERE.

About the Author:

I'm a partner at Glass Eye Productions, Inc., a full-service production and post-production studio based in Brea, California. I enjoy seeing a project from concept-to-completion. My hands-on involvement includes working with the client throughout all aspects of a project and my "hats" include Producer, Editor, and Project Manager.

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