We’ve experienced some turbulence learning the art of aerial filming (four drones later), but the hard lessons have really started to pay off. Our latest flying machine is an Inspire 2 Pro outfitted with a Zenmuse X5S camera with CinemaDNG and ProRes capabilities, which allows for some stunning visuals. We now have the ability to capture 4K cinematic footage that just a couple of years ago would have been out of the question for most project budgets. Today we use our aerial capabilities on a large variety of projects. The footage is amazing and it’s a blast to shoot!

Take a look at some of the footage from a recent shoot in central California for John Deere.

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Drone Footage Photos:


Keeping the action rolling with our Ronin setup

Using a drone for aerial footage

Aerial filming by Glass Eye Productions, Inc.

Covering the shoot from all the angles with our drone hovering overhead



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