Every project requires multiple steps to reach the final cut. Post-production is a phase of the video production process that requires focus, careful management, and organization. Below is an outline of the post-production process at Glass Eye Productions, Inc.

Step 1: Organizing Media

The first step of post-production at Glass Eye is organizing the footage. This includes ingesting the footage, adding logging information, storing and sorting clips, and creating back up files on a separate drive. Ingesting the media at the proper specs and organizing the media is essential to a well-run post-production experience. Depending on the client’s level of involvement, we may share “selects” of the footage at this stage.

Step 2: Story Edit

Utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro software, our team puts together a rough cut to build the story. This is a key period in the post-production timeline and in addition to considering the messaging, we will also begin to conceptualize motion-graphics and the look of the video. We work toward enhancing the client’s vision for the message by utilizing all the tools we have available. Hiring the perfect voice talent and selecting appropriate music are key decisions at this stage as well.

Step 3: Work with the Client

At this point we usually bring in the the client’s perspective to see where our messaging might be tweaked. We can send the client review links and get their feedback. Working with the client is essential to achieving desired results.

Step 4: Finishing

Polishing the edited story is the next phase in the post-production process. This step includes conforming the edited media to the highest quality version.

Step 5: Mastering

This step ensures the project is put into a single deliverable for the client.

Step 6: Output and Delivery

Output and delivery is the final step of the post-production process. There is a final, playable media product for the client and the intended audience. The audience is then educated, entertained, and provoked to action.

Photos of Glass Eye Productions Facilities:

Edit Bay at Glass Eye Productions

Sound Facilities

A Second Edit Bay at Glass Eye Productions

Audio Booth

Glass Eye Productions Lobby


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