Glass Eye Productions was hired to produce two videos to introduce the 9RX tractor. These videos are utilized in the new website called the 9RX Experience. This is truly an amazing, game changing product, and we felt very fortunate to be involved. Over the course of the project we shot footage in Paso Robles, CA; Waterloo, IA; and Saskatoon, SK.

The first video was titled “The Making of 9RX” and told the story of how the tractor was designed and the importance of integrating customer feedback to improve the product. Part of the challenge in this video was that we could only show quick glimpses of the tractor, as the video was released before the actual tractor. During the editing process, we utilized tighter shots and a heavy color treatment to hide the details of the tractors exterior. We chose to use a more documentary approach, letting interviews from customers and John Deere employees tell the story.

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The second video titled “The New John Deere 9RX” is a high-energy piece that gets pretty detailed on the 9RX capabilities. We felt the visuals had to be really dramatic to capture the importance of this product. We mounted cameras, used a stabilized camera system, and shot aerial footage showing off the product in several locations.

Click to view “The New John Deere 9RX”

It’s pretty typical that we shoot early in the morning and late in the evening to capture images in the best natural light. It’s usually a struggle to get what you want because the window of time for great lighting is so short. However, that is not the case in Saskatoon at the end of summer. Days are crazy long. Morning light was nothing special, but the afternoon light had terrific qualities and lasted for hours.

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