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A new addition to the Glass Eye team, Hannah Ackles is a writer/director from Carlsbad, California. She is a junior at the University of Southern California majoring in Film and Television Production with a minor in Professional and Managerial Communication. She is passionate about development, production, and the entertainment business. Hannah’s films have been awarded at several film festivals including the La Jolla Film Festival, California Student Media Festival, and All-American High School Film Festival. On the side, Hannah is a radio host for USC's KXSC Radio and enjoys writing and watching movies.
8 07, 2020

7 Tips for Writing a Corporate Video Script

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When you are presented with the task of writing a script for your company, it can be overwhelming. There is a lot to consider when planning a video, but if you follow these 7 tips, you’ll be on track to create a video that is intentional, attention-grabbing, and successful. 1. Find the purpose in your video. When thinking about the purpose of your video, these are a few questions you should ask yourself: What is the goal of this video? Who is the audience? What are some key takeaways? Answering these questions can help you kickstart and start planning your script. Glass Eye can help you by providing our creative brief template to get you started. 2. Tell a story. Telling a story allows your audience to relate to your product and company on an emotional level. It also keeps them engaged and focused. Take into consideration how this story unfolds in your [...]