Glass Eye was hired to shoot multiple tractors in a snowy environment in Park City, Utah, which was a fun challenge for our crew.

At the beginning we were hoping for 2-3 feet of snow on the ground, which is when the equipment we were shooting would typically be used to move snow.  Unfortunately we had record-breaking snowfall the weeks prior and had additional snowfall while we were there. This made things a lot more complicated, not only for the John Deere equipment, but also for our crew to accomplish our job. Despite the obstacles, we were able to accomplish our goals with hard work and solid gear.

Glass Eye faced many challenges at the shoot, mostly related to the extremely cold weather conditions. Shooting in cold weather is tough of on our gear, causing all sorts of problems. High altitude and cold weather change the dynamics of aerial shooting, and not in a good way. Batteries are impacted by the cold weather, so keeping batteries warm is a constant challenge. Our drone batteries are especially problematic, due to the fact that if your battery dies, you’re in serious trouble. In addition, moving from a cold environment to a warm environment causes moisture condensation, which is never a good thing with camera equipment.

We were able to overcome all of our challenges, came away with some incredible visuals, and also had a bit of fun shooting some behind the scenes shots, which we’d love to share! Here’s a link to our “Behind the scenes video” that we put together for the client.

All in all, it was a great adventure, and we were definitely up to the task. We got some great footage, and we are really proud of the end product.

Nine degree weather while shooting at Jeremy Ranch in Utah, and Trent made a new canine friend.

The weather made the shoot more difficult, but we were able to get the amazing shots we wanted.

Our Red Epic-W 8K camera helped us produce some great footage of the tractors in the snow.

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