What is “Casting”?

A process for selecting an actor or individual for a particular role or part.

How does Casting work?

Here at Glass Eye Productions, we use a variety of talent agencies and casting directors to aid in our search for the right fit. This, combined with the list below, helps us identify who to hire during the casting process.

First, a breakdown must be made that details what the project is and provides a description of each role. For some projects we may be casting a host or models. The breakdown may include the plot of the commercial (or video), as well as what ages you are looking for, appearance, height, relevant character notes, etc. It will also usually include the sides (a script) each actor should audition with.

Next, auditions take place. They can either be in-person or, what has become more common, self-taped. This allows you to get to know the actor, see how they read, and also get a general sense of who they are as a person. Casting is not only looking for a talented individual, but also a professional one – someone people want to work with and who will bring the best qualities to the project. Other qualities to look for are: 

    • someone who is natural in front of the camera
    • A person who fits the demographic you are targeting (i.e., Moms, college students, working dads, swimmers, etc.)
    • has good chemistry with the other actors and crew
    • and has a strong point-of-view with the material

Third, callbacks. Callbacks are basically second auditions – now with a condensed version of the audition’s candidates. Here there is generally a more finalized script that allows actors to better connect with the material and what the tone of the spot may be. Casting is looking for a person who will represent the brand and/or product in the best light possible. 

Finally, the selection process. This is where the director, producer and client narrow the list to the best individuals for the part.

Casting is no exact science – and sometimes the most experienced actors are just not right for the role – and that is OKAY. Be confident in your choices and know that it will work out in the end!


When creating a National TV Spot for John Deere, we were tasked with creating a family local to South Carolina, where we were shooting. After considering over 50 people, we decided on Holly, Josh and Tanner. Call it a coincidence,  great chemistry, or both, but it turned out that Holly and Josh had been cast as wife and husband before, 6 years preceding this shoot!

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